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RE@UTS is the name given to a group of academics and researchers who are engaged in Requirements Engineering research and training at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). RE@UTS is part of the Faculty of Information Technology at UTS and was established by A/Prof. Didar Zowghi in July 2001. The group currently consists of 8 academics, 1 researcher and 7 PhD students.

Since the Faculty of Information Technology moved to its new location in Building 10, RE@UTS group has acquired the Requirements Engineering research laboratory. The RE research laboratory consists of research and computing facilities and is mainly occupied by PhD students and research assistants (see People) who are working on different research projects (see Research). RE@UTS also offers a range of research, training and consulting services to the wider IT community.

Requirements Engineering in recent years has emerged as an important field of research and practice in software engineering and information systems worldwide. In Australia, likewise, there is an increasing interest in industry and academia to better understand the RE process and product and its impact on improving software development. The long-term goal of RE@UTS is to make an outstanding contribution to RE research and practice and foster collaboration with industry on innovative and novel RE related research projects.


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