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Workshop on "Requirements Triage" 29 July 2005

Speaker: Professor Al Davis (
Date: Friday 29th July
Time: 9 am to 1 pm
Venue: UTS Broadway Campus: CB10.04.460
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We all know that requirements management is one of the first activities to be initiated for a project. Many books have been written on requirements elicitation (learning about needs and problems experienced by customers) and specification (recording the external behaviour of the desired system). Yet few authors and even fewer practitioners are willing to tackle the most difficult task of requirements management, i.e., requirements triage. Requirements triage is the set of activities to determine which requirements are the right requirements to attempt to satisfy. The reason it is so onerous is that there are never sufficient resources to accomplish all that is desired, and the decision requires knowledge of engineering, marketing, sales, and finance.

This workshop explains how to perform trade-off analysis among requirements, schedule and resource constraints, development risks, projected effects on revenues and profits, market share, and ROI. The trade-off analysis starts with a list of candidate requirements, takes you through the triage process (which considers all of the above factors), and ends with a list of selected requirements, an optimal allocation of development resources, and a believable product plan. The workshop will also show how seeing simultaneous multiple views of your product is essential so that you can see the ramifications of any change you make during the process.

For more information: Joyce Ho
Phone : +61 2 9514 2396

Short Course on "Just Enough Requirements Management " 11 and 12 August 2005

Instructor: Professor Al Davis (
Date: 11 and 12 August 2005
Time: 9 am to 4:30 pm
Venue: UTS Broadway Campus: CB02.06.41
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Requirements management (RM) needs to be made simpler, not more complex. And in today.s world, where you need to accelerate development dramatically, requirements management must reduce, not extend, the total development effort. This course simplifies requirements management. After all, most of RM is just plain common sense. This course will expose the participants to easy-to-follow simple procedures that enable projects to start development quickly. This course will increase the likelihood that systems will satisfy real user needs when delivered. Participants will learn the roles of systems and software requirements in system development, appreciate differences between elicitation, triage, and requirements specification, and be capable of selecting and using requirements techniques. RM is composed of three basic activities: (1) determining the needs (elicitation), (2) deciding which needs should be addressed (triage), and (3) writing down the desired external behavior of the system (specification). We will address how important it is to spend precious time only on those activities that will provide the biggest return. After all, the business exists to create benefit to customers, employees, and shareholders; its mission is not to follow onerous procedures that do little except keep people busy!

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Fortnightly Seminar

RE@UTS research group meets every fortnight on Fridays from 12.30 to 2pm to discuss RE related research and practice issues. Everyone is welcome, so bring your lunch and join in. If you wish to receive RE@UTS seminar announcements via email, please contact Didar Zowghi.

RE@UTS in the Press

"First IT PhD student into PhD Cotutelle Program"
Chad Coulin of the UTS:IT Requirements Engineering Research group has become the first ever PhD student of our Faculty to gain acceptance into a PhD "Cotutelle" program.
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"Putting a system cart before horse" by Chad Coulin
Sydney Morning Herald, 13 May 2003
More projects for computer systems fail as a result of problems with the requirements than for any other reason. In spite of this, few companies seem willing to learn from their mistakes.
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"Shaping software required" by Jennifer Foreshew
The Australian IT, 20 August 2002.
The widening gap between mass-produced software systems and the specific requirements of corporations can be overcome, according to research.

"What companies really want from software" by Anne Sarzin
UTS News, June 2002.
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AWRE2003 sponsor


The Faculty of Information Technology in conjunction with RE@UTS was happy to sponsor the Eighth Australian Workshop on Requirements Engineering (AWRE'2003), held 4-5 December 2003. The website is still available. Visit it here.




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