2nd Body In Design Workshop 2012

Conference OZCHI 2012 http://www.ozchi.org
Convenors Lian Loke and Toni Robertson
Date Monday 26th November 2012, Swinburne Melbourne
Full day workshop

With the emergence of mobile, tangible, ubiquitous and wearable computing, the body is brought to the fore as the essential and defining site of interaction and experience. This renewed attention to the body brings with it new challenges for design, moving beyond ergonomics and the communicative roles of the body to deeper considerations of the social and ethical issues that come with opportunities provided by emerging digital technologies. It also throws into debate how we go about designing for the active and engaged body in technology-mediated situations. Our interest in this workshop is to stimulate debate and critical thinking on the current rise in interest in designing for bodies and embodied interaction.

It is the second international “Body in Design Workshop” and builds on the first workshop held at OZCHI 2011 in Canberra. It continues the focus of the first workshop on the body itself and the role of embodiment in lived experience, with a view to informing design research and practice. This one-day workshop aims to bring together a diverse community of researchers and practitioners working on human-centred approaches to understanding the body in the design of interactive technologies. A number of central themes were identified during a collaborative contextual mapping/card-sorting activity run as part of the previous workshop. These themes are listed below and will form a starting point for our discussion:

  • Designing for bodily experience
  • Bodies with histories
  • Socio-physical, aesthetic, expressive and playful interactions
  • Bodily engagement in the design process
  • Evaluation methods and frameworks

Workshop Proposal

The position papers accepted to the workshop are available as a separately published proceedings that fulfil DEST requirements (peer-reviewed, ISBN) OZCHI2012_WS_BodyInDesign_Proceedings_sml

The Interaction Design and Human Practice Lab (IDHuP) is part of the Centre for Human Centred Technology Design Research (HCTD) at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)