The Body In Design

The Body in Design workshop series brings together researchers and practitioners with an interest is working with the body and interactive technologies, across a range of domains and disciplines. It is held as part of the Australasian Computer-Human Interaction conference ( and organised by Prof Toni Robertson (UTS) and Dr Lian Loke (USyd). The first workshop was held in Canberra in 2011 ( The 2011 workshop proceedings are a separate ISBN publication – see here for details. The second international workshop was held in Melbourne in November 2012.

With the emergence of mobile, tangible, ubiquitous and wearable computing, the body is brought to the fore as the essential and defining site of interaction and experience. This renewed attention to the body brings with it new challenges for design, moving beyond ergonomics and the communicative roles of the body to deeper considerations of the social and ethical issues that come with opportunities provided by emerging digital technologies. It also throws into debate how we go about designing for the active and engaged body in technology-mediated situations. Our interest in this workshop is to stimulate debate and critical thinking on the current rise in interest in designing for bodies and embodied interaction.

Take pART: Participation in Art and Design

The Take Part workshop explores the philosophical, ethical, political and methodological crossovers between artists and designers working with participatory processes. It brings together artists and designers who have developed innovative methods for collaborating with audiences and end-users. The workshop aims to actively develop shared possibilities for collaborative research between these two communities of practice.  It will be the basis of a special issue of Co-Design: The International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts. Discussion will spring from the projects taking place within the Art of Participatory Design programme and the workshop offers an opportunity to meet and work with the artists and designers behind these projects. It is organised by Dr Lizzie Muller and Dr Lian Loke as part of the Participatory Design conference, PDC 2010, Sydney.

Approaches to Movement-Based Interaction

This workshop was held at the Fourth Decennial Aarhus Conference 2005, Denmark. The workshop proceedings are available upon request. A special issue on Movement-based Interaction of the Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing was published as a result of the workshop. See Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Volume 11 Issue 8, December 2007.

The Interaction Design and Human Practice Lab (IDHuP) is part of the Centre for Human Centred Technology Design Research (HCTD) at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)