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ACM Creativity & Cognition 2009
ACM 2009
Understanding and Evaluating Creativity
One day tutorial


The aim of this tutorial is to provide the participants with an understanding of creativity and how to approach its evaluation. It will introduce an approach to evaluating creativity from different viewpoints based on audience, artefact and creator capability. Participants will also be provided with tools for analysing situations in which creative engagement may be taking place.

Who may attend?

Creativity researchers, enthusiasts, designers of all kinds, HCI and design researchers, interactive art practitioners.

• Would you like to learn ways of demystifying the creative activities, and get an insight on nature of creativity?.
• Would you like to go beyond familiar methods and learn about new approaches to evaluating creativity.
• Would you like to create more intriguing audience/user experiences and better understand their design processes
• Interested in understanding different ways audiences/ users may engage with interactive systems?

...then this tutorial is for you

Learning Objectives

• Gain insights into creativity and its importance for interactive systems design
• Understand your audience; their cognitive and emotional experiences and how they creatively engage with interactive systems
• Find guidance for the design and evaluation of creativity support tools
• Participate actively in studying and analyzing creativity and creativity support

Reading Materials

Conference Proceedings description (2 pages)

Handout for participants

Tutorial slide handout


Dr. Linda Candy is a researcher in creativity in the arts and sciences with many years experience in teaching and research. She is currently an associate of the Creativity and Cognition Research Studios, and honorary research fellow in the Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Technology, Sydney. Her work includes PhD programs in creative practice and the development of methods for combining research with practice. She has written many papers and articles about the creative process, collaborative work, the role of computer support and the methodologies for investigating these areas of research and is coauthor of “Explorations in Art and Technology” published by Springer-Verlag. She is a co-founder of the ACM Creativity and Cognition conference series and active in promoting awareness about creativity support environments in the arts, computing and design communities.

Dr. Zafer Bilda is a user experience consultant and a researcher in design and interaction cognition. As a user experience consultant, he has worked across financial, media, telecommunications, retail, tourism and government sectors. He has over 8 years academic research experience specializing in human behavior in interactive environments (including web sites, virtual and sensor environments) and how people experience, creatively engage with and think about technology. Zafer has published over 30 research papers, and presented and led workshops at international conferences in the areas of design, new media and cognitive science. He has lectured, and given seminars locally and internationally on design research; design thinking and qualitative research methods. Dr. Bilda received his PhD in 2006 from Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition of University of Sydney. He has a Bachelor of Science from Middle East Technical University, Turkey and a Masters of Fine Arts from Bilkent University, Turkey.


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