2000s: communication, correspondence and influence


In the work of the first decade of this century, the generative works, video constructs, became interactive, using sound and image sensor systems. As these interactive works developed the concern for long term influences, rather than short term reactions, led to the Shaping Form series, which continues to evolve. The early concerns of Communication Games, were revived to combine with Shaping Forms into the distributed interactive systems, Cities Tango. New work also included colaboration with Mark Fell on a series of performances integrating sound and image.

Selected exhibitions

2000: Constructs & Reconstructions, Loughborough University (one-person)
2005: White Noise, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne
2009: C&C09 Berkeley Art Museum, CA (Performance)
2009: When Ideas Become Form - 20 Years, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2009: Cities Tango, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney and ISEA, Belfast
2010: Grid Gallery, Vivid festival, Sydney
2012/3: Light Logic. Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK.
2012/3: Selected New Acquisitions.Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2014: Fields, National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia
2014: Automatic Art GV Art gallery, London (curator)


Selected publications

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Tango Tangle

Shaping Form

Cities Tango

Colour Energy

Shaping Space

Sound/Image works by Edmonds and Fell

Port Hacking

Broadway One

From Kyoto to Sheffied


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