1970s: computation and systems


During the 1970s most of the work was either concerned with the implications of the notion of computation or with the application of systems approaches to the construction of art works.

This early history is described in:-

Edmonds, E. A. “Constructive Computation”. In Brown, P., Gere, C., Lambert, N. & Mason, C. (Eds.) White Heat Cold Logic - British Computer Art 1960-1980. MIT Press, Cam MA. USA. 2008. pp 245-260.

Parts of this history are elaborated in context in:-
Mason, C. Computer in the Art Room: The Origins of British Computer Arts 1950-1980. JJG Publishing, Hindrigham, Norfolk, UK. 2008.





Exhibitions showing digital art:-

1970: Computer Graphics 70 exhibition, Brunel University
work shown: Datapack (with Stroud Cornock)
1970: Invention of Problems, Leicester Polytechnic, Leicester
work shown: Nineteen
1971: Invention of Problems 2, Leicester Polytechnic, Leicester
work shown: Communications Game
1972: Cognition and Control. Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham
work shown: Communications Game 2

Some of the systems art drawings are in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Exhibitions showing systems art:-

1970: Paintings, drawings and constructions. Oakham, Leicestershire
1975: 2nd International Drawing Biennale. Middlesborough Art Gallery, Cleveland, and tour
1975: Paintings, South Croxton, Leicestershire
1978: Drawing as Method, Description, Directive. Leicester Polytechnic.



Selected publications:-

Edmonds, E. A., “Communications Game”. Control Magazine, 6, 1972
Cornock, S. and Edmonds, E. A. “The creative process where the artist is amplified or superseded by the computer”. Leonardo, 16, 1973. pp 11-16.
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practice-based PhD supervision:-

Steve Scrivener CNAA PhD 1974-8. “An Interactive Raster Graphics System and Language for Artists and Designers”, Leicester Polytechnic, UK.

Susan Tebby CNAA PhD 1976-1983. “Patterns of Organisation in Condstructed Art”, Leicester Polytechnic, UK.